Looking for a beach town to relax in this summer? Check out our list of the 10 most relaxing beach towns in Europe!

After spending the winter months in the bustling cities of Europe, many people seek out beautiful beaches with soft sand and warm water to help them relax in the summer months. What if you don’t have time to travel to the Mediterranean Sea or somewhere along the coast of Greece? Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Check out our list of the 10 most relaxing beach towns in Europe!

1 – Cala Formentor, Majorca

Cala Formentor is perfect for sunbathing and reading (though it’s not really good for anything else). With miles of white sand and turquoise waters, it may be one of the best-kept secrets on Majorca. This wide crescent bay has been attracting travelers since 1898 when American writer Jack London coined it paradise.

2 – Cala D’Or, Mallorca

Cala D’Or is an upscale coastal resort located on Mallorca’s west coast. It is famous for its outstanding water sports facilities, which include windsurfing, sailing, kayaking and more. Plenty of accommodation options are available within walking distance from the resort’s beaches.

3 – Cala Rajada, Menorca

This secluded and tranquil spot on Menorca’s east coast has everything you need – long, palm-fringed stretches of white sand and clean, crystal-clear water. Plus, the chic resort offers tennis courts, swimming pools and delicious dining.

4 – Arenal d’en Castell, Costa Brava

In just under an hour from Barcelona and an hour from Girona, you will find Costa Brava’s largest bay, Port Aventura, where Arenal d’en Castell sits. This small little village is famous for its turquoise seas with crystal clear water and what locals call, the calmest waves. Along with five beaches, there are also numerous natural landmarks and picturesque coves that are just as calming.

5 – Cala San Vicente, Mallorca

Cala San Vicente is one of many beautiful beaches on Mallorca, but the sense of tranquility there is unmatched. There’s not much to do here, but there are some great restaurants and bars nearby. It’s a popular getaway spot for local families with their kids during their school breaks.

6 – Cambrils, Costa Dorada

Cambrils is yet another small coastal village that has been inhabited since Roman times, with a historic center and typical Mediterranean architecture. Beach life is mellow here, but don’t expect any wild parties either: it seems as if there are more napping locals than anything else. For those looking for some time away from the crowds, Cambrils could be an excellent choice.

7 – La Barrosa, Costa Blanca

  • La Barrosa is one of the few locations in Costa Blanca that offers unspoiled beaches and untouched coastline. The natural environment has been perfectly maintained and developed, so it’s easy to have your own bit of paradise here, away from all noise and tourist resorts. – While it might not be as famous as some other Spanish destinations, La Barrosa is one of the best kept secrets in Costa Blanca.

8 – Mataró, Costa Brava

Mataró is a coastal town that offers everything from sandy beaches to jagged cliffs with picturesque views. As one of the oldest seaside villages on the Costa Brava, Mataró still has its authentic Spanish charm. In between siestas, make sure you enjoy the nightlife at one of their many typical taverns before heading back to your cozy apartment.

9 – Sitges, Barcelona Coast

For those looking for some culture as well as relaxation, Sitges is worth checking out. The Spanish city is home to numerous architectural landmarks, including the Can Fabra Palace and the Church of Santa Magdalena. There are also plenty of places for visitors to enjoy a traditional Catalan meal, or drink rosé or cava on the city’s sunny beaches. If you want to experience Spain without heading inland, Sitges might be worth your time.

10 – Villefranche-sur-Mer, French Riviera

Villefranche-sur-Mer has been called one of the most beautiful and historically significant fishing villages on the French Riviera. This small beach town is perfect for people who are looking for some peace and relaxation. Along with beautiful beaches, Villefranche-sur-Mer offers some great local shops and restaurants to explore while staying there.


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